Order Our new Rowbike Crew 2.0 now!
Order Our new Rowbike Crew 2.0 now!
Rowbike Crew 2.0: The Ultimate Fitness Machine
Rowbike Crew 2.0: The Ultimate Fitness Machine

Rowbike Crew 2.0: The Ultimate Fitness Machine

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  • BURN 1200 Calories/hour
  • Provides a ZERO IMPACT, total-body cardio exercise (ideal for runners with knee injuries)
  • TOTAL BODY conditioning including engages 90% or more of your large muscle groups
  • BURN more calories per hour than jogging but without the stress on your hips, joints, knees, and back.
  • You'll be rowling outdoors and having fun!

Our new Rowbike Crew 2.0 Terra Rowers are individually handcrafted,  aluminum frame, multi-speed workout machines driven by our patented rowing power bar connected to the revolutionary NUVINCI N360 internal gear hub. The ease of operation will be appreciated by all. The front and rear disc brakes provide the best braking available. This model comes with quick-release alloy wheels and 20" x 1.75" 100 PSI treaded tires. This wheel and tire combination offers low rolling resistance and great stability. 

Our new Crew 2.0 Terra Rower is ideal for rowlers who are between 5'2" and 6'4". The multi-speed, NuVinci 360 offers the rider the ability to vary the intensity and focus of your workout while enjoying the scenery as you rowl along. Our customers tell us this makes for an enjoyable workout as the time just slips away. We all know that for most of us, if its not fun, we are probably not going to do it consistently. On a Rowbike, it always fun and you will look forward to doing it every day. So enjoy the rowl.

Product Features & Specifications

  • The revolutionary NuVinci N360 internal hub 
  • 100 PSI treaded tires
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 26" Power Lever
  • 7005 heat treated aluminum frame
  • Individually handcrafted
  • Color: Frame is Yellow and Power Lever is Blue

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